Employee Engagement: the tools you need to build an engaged workforce...

Matt Thomas, Senior Visual Management Advisor, Clarity Visual Management

It’s undeniable. The links between employee engagement and motivation, innovation and productivity have been proven time and time again. But, how do we build an engaged and motivated workforce? And what is employee engagement for that matter? Here at Clarity, we believe that building an engaged workforce is essential in maintaining your competitive advantage, alongside making your business a great place to work, and we know that visual management can make all the difference – after all, how can the team be expected to win if they don’t know the score…?

We will share in this workshop our experience of securing and building employee engagement gained from working with many globally recognised companies and our passion for Lean, and give you the knowledge you need to bring all of this to your organisation, enabling you to start to build an effective and engaged team who are all pulling in the same direction! If you’re part of a business looking to change its culture for the better then this is the workshop for you!

FREE: All attendees of our workshop will receive an insightful pack of information, including samples and a copy of 'Clarity's 8 Practical Tips for Successful Visual Management'


1. What employee engagement really is and why it’s so essential in today’s business world

2. Creating an environment for employee engagement and getting the fundamentals right

3. Why Visual Management is essential in building an engaged workforce

4. Effectively communicating with any workforce, and how to communicate with your team when the news is not so good

5. How to bridge geographical gaps and how Clarity helped one business with Control Room meetings & 'Walk-Out Wednesdays'

6. The very best practical hints and tips to build an engaged workforce within your organisation to get the most from your teams

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