Starting your AR, MR or VR journey

Neil Wharton, Business Development Manager, Theorem Solutions

You’ve probably heard of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, and seen the many low cost devices already available on the market, but do you know how you can integrate these technologies into your Engineering and Manufacturing workflows, saving your organisation time and money? Theorem Solutions have recently released a Visualization Experience app that enables you to visualize CAD and PLM data in AR, MR and VR. To accompany the launch of the app as part of our ‘Digital Realities’ product range, we shall be discussing the technology, and the impact it can have on your organisation.


1.About Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

2.How applying low-cost gaming devices to engineering and manufacturing processes could improvebusiness productivity

3.Areas within an organisation companies are considering applying AR, VR and MR today

Julie Knox

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