Manufacturing and the Up-Skill Battle

Verity Davidge, Head of Education & Skills, EEF

It is estimated that 265,000 skilled entrants will be needed each year in the manufacturing and engineering industry between now and 2024. Moreover, manufactures face the challenge of an ageing workforce and an unknown Brexit landscape that could see a reduction in access to global talent. The question then is – where will these people come from? Increasing the flow of talent into the industry through the recruitment of apprentices and graduates has remained industry’s focus, but what about the existing stock of skills within the workforce? How do companies retain and retrain their existing employees? Does Government policy help or hinder industry when it comes to facing the up-skill battle challenge?


1. The skills supply and demand in the manufacturing industry

2. How companies are recruiting new talent through apprenticeships and graduate programmes and

3. How companies are retaining and retraining talent from returners to upskilling existing employees

4. Future challenges companies face in sourcing the skills their business needs and mitigating actions companies are taking

5. How Government policy is help or hindering employers to meet the skills challenge

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