Hyperloop - the technology, the challenges, the future

Adam Anyszewski, HYPED - Edinburgh University

Hyperloop was initially Elon Musk’s idea for the future of mass transportation to provide a new way of transporting people and goods quickly, safely, efficiently and sustainably.

The HypED team is a student group from The University of Edinburgh developing this technology. HypED are winners of a SpaceX design award and a double finalist of its Hyperloop Pod competition. Moreover, HypED was one of 10 across the world to have been named a winner of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, which called for proposals to build Hyperloop networks connecting cities and regions. HypED’s proposed route would run from Edinburgh to London, through Manchester and Birmingham.


1. Introduction to the Hyperloop concept

2. The challenges and relevance of the project to the UK

3. Discover how an informal student project morphed into one of the biggest engineering student projects in Scotland in just 3 years.

Julie Knox

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